On the Rivet

Bike racing in Montana rocked its way into May 2017 this past weekend with two big races with strong turnouts. 

Saturday's 9th annual "Unravel the Sratchgravels" MTB race, held just outside Helena, hosted 50 total riders, excellent racing, and beautiful weather. Perennial strongman John Curry (GAS-Bozeman) rode away from a hungry field to win the Men Cat 1 and Amber Steed (Sportsman-Kalispell) posted a very strong ride to win the Women Cat 1. Huge thanks to Russ Gates, USAC Official Byron Deford, and the entire Big Sky Cyclery crew for hosting the first race of the MORS MTB Series.

2017 Scratchgravel Results:

Men Cat 1 (5 laps): 1. John Curry; 2. Joel Shehan; 3. Matt Butterfield; 4. Trevor Eccles; 5. Jeff Shehan; 6. Scott Herzig; 7. Geoff Proctor; 8. Joe Hamilton. 

Women Cat 1 (4 laps): 1. Amber Steed.

Men Cat 2 (3 laps): 1. Daniel McAllister; 2. Mark Shoenfeld; 3. Cadel Means; 4. Michael Voth; 5. Bridger Gaertner; 6. Jesus Salazar; 7. Matt Hoyne; 8. Josh Saitta; 9. Alan McClain. 

Women Cat 2 (3 laps): 1. Lacy Eccles; 2. Erin Woodrow.

Men Cat 3 (2 laps): 1. Kevin Turchin; 2. Benjamin Todt; 3. Colter Gaertner; 4. Kirkwood Donavin; 5. Chad Preble; 6. Mark Anderson; 7. Dan Barry/Andrew Hoffman; 8. Josh Zier; 9. Joe Edwards. 

Women Cat 3 (2 laps): 1. Britt Ballinger; 2. Jeanne MacPherson; 3. Lisa Bush.

Master Men 50+ (3 laps): 1. Will Snider; 2. Tim Gaertner; 3. John Cassidy; 4. John Flach; 5. Larry Platts. 

Masters Women 50+ (3 laps): 1. Debra Morrell. DNF. Linda Gryczan. 

Juniors Men (1 lap): 1. Max Kluck; 2. Chris Eodice; 3. Ryder Alastra; 4. Henry Ballinger; 5. Henry Flach; 6. Nate McClain. 

Juniors Women (1 lap): 1. Cassandra Taylor; 2. Hanna Kluck; 3. Emma Flach; 4. Libby Flach; 5. Greta McClain. 

By all reports, Rocky Mountain Roubaix, held on gravel and paved roads west of Missoula on Sunday, proved to be an arduous, epic challenge for the 65 total riders. Organizer Corey Kaufman reflected after the race: "It was a true spring classic! Mechanicals, mud, grit. So awesome. I wish I could have raced it myself." Justin Raynes (Rockford-Bozeman) bested a strong Men's A field and Stell Holt (Whitefish?) posted up in the Women's A race. Big appreciation goes to organizer Corey Kaufman, Competitive Timing, and all volunteers. 

Results here: http://competitivetiming.com/rocky-mountain-roubaix-results/

Next up, the Helena Enduro this weekend in Helena and, in early June, Missoula XC on June 10-11. 

Hope to see you out there! 


(last update: 11 May 10:11