Getting Started in Bike Racing in Montana

Beginner Race Divisions (Cat. 5 Men) – In accordance with USCF policy, and to provide incentive for beginning racers to move up through the ranks, there will be no cash prizes awarded to Category 5 men; although, typically merchandise prizes are awarded.

Upgrading - So now that I’ve got some racing done, how do I upgrade? Note that if you attend a clinic, male Cat 5s get credit for five of their 10 race requirement to upgrade to Cat 4 and female Cat 4s will get credit for half the points required to upgrade to Cat 3. Men, if you've already done five races (bring your resume), you'll be upgraded at the end of the clinic. Women, if you already have some points (bring your resume), you'll be upgraded. Participation in the full clinic is required. More info about upgrading can be found on the Racers page.

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