If you think you should be upgraded, John Weyhrich is the guy that does that in Montana. The following is Don Russell's guidance on upgrading.

"I can not upgrade any one to road or CX Cat 1 or MTB Pro or Semi-Pro; reserved for USAC determination. So go to the USACycling website when you renew your license (have to have a license to upgrade), request an upgrade, and fill out the section that comes up on justifying why you should be upgraded. When you select submit, the request comes to me and I’ll approve it or get back with you on any clarification. Note that upgrades can be requested at any time, not just when renewing your license.

"I’ll need where and when you raced (preferably all of them, not just the best finishes), how many people (approx) were in your category, and where you finished in the last 12 months. Cyclocross, MTB, and Time Trials do not count toward upgrade, but I will take them into consideration if you’re close to meeting the requirements (2007 USAC Cycling Rule Book, pages 4-6, basics are listed below). If you’re not even close, send me an e-mail before hand and I’ll provide some advice.

"If you’re coming from a non-USAC organization, that’s fine but I’ll still need the same info. If you’re coming from ACA or OBRA, there’s an agreement that we observe their categories to Cat 3, but you’ll still need to go to the USAC website, have a USAC license or request, and provide me an OBRA or ACA license number, which I’ll then check prior to approval. If you have some special circumstance (like – you haven’t raced in 10 years but you were a Cat 2 before), let me know. 

"Be warned, I check results. MT variation (Cat 5,4,3 only) from the rules: we don’t strictly adhere to the field size limits. We don’t look favorably on fields of 3 or 4, either. Real small fields will garner 1/2 of the listed points. Males should not ask for downgrades to Cat 5; won’t happen.

"For more information go to USACycling."

(last update: 03 May 08:42